Ultra Short Shot Point Intervals

The ProSeis x16 (expandable) will record, CDP gather, gain recover, NMO correct, stack, suppress multiples and process up to 16 channels of seismic data in real time ready for Interpretation!

Raw data are preserved and recorded in SEGY format for optional post processing.

Boomer, Sparker, bubble-gun or mini-gun source generated seismic reflection signals are received by towed short group length multi-channel analogue mini streamers and input to the ProSeis x16 recording and processing system.

Shot point intervals as short as 0.781 meters can be achieved making it possible to acquire full fold data with programmable hydrophone streamer group lengths !

Some navigation systems would struggle to produce fixes at such short intervals !

The ProSeis x16 system software is designed to calculate the desired shot point interval between longer period navigation reference fixes and automatically correct shot point interval timing as required.

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