New ProSeis Website in Beta !

Our brand new website is now in its Beta release today !  after much pulling of hair, gnashing of teeth and stamping of feet, it turned out most of our problems stemmed from our previous (not very helpful) website host ! GoDaddy somewhere else! so guess what?  Yep, we moved...  however even this “as advertised” apparently simple task....  you've guessed it!  More problems, but we now seem to have a stable platform to build on.

We have concentrated on creating a simple, clean and crisp website nucleus (not without the odd bug in its beta form !) for our clients and contractors which we plan to expend in the very near future with the addition of secure private area’s for both client and contractor.

Our plan is to expand our website features so that within the clients individually secure area, clients will be able to quickly setup filters and search through our HR database for flagged, currently available contractors who meet with their current project recruitment criteria, mark them of interest and request full CV’s from ProSeis for their shortlist.

All ProSeis registered freelance contractors  documentation and certification are thoroughly reviewed and cross checked for accuracy.  

Contractors will also have an individually secure dashboard area where each contractor may store and update their CV’s, maintain their availability flags, store and maintain time sheets, expenses, project accounts and any other documentation they wish to have global access to….  But for now, we are in beta revision, however if you have any suggestions for the development of our website they would be most welcome, just use our "Contact US" form.......   On-wards and upwards!

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