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ProSeis x16 Seismic Profiler

* Low cost solution
* Multi-channel UHR seismic profiling system
* Real-time bruit stack processing
* Ultra short shot point intervals

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ProSeis at a Glance!

Our core business is the development of specialist geophysical survey systems for the UHR seismic survey rental market.

Building on over 30 years experience gained globally within the geophysical survey industry, ProSeis Geophysical has recently expanded its core business activities to include offshore personnel recruitment services.

  • Delivering Global personnel services.

  • Design and development of geophysical seismic equipment.

  • Innovative software development.

We can now provide client access to our qualified and highly experienced offshore contract personnel.

We are able to assist clients in their timely selection of suitably qualified and experienced contract survey personnel for both long or short term projects.


Under Development - The ProSeis x16

*  Multi-channel UHR Seismic Profiler
* Expandable in groups of 16 or 24 channels
* Compatable with most analogue streamer arrays
*  Real-time Brute Stack (and more!)
*  Ultra Short Shot Point Intervals
* Low cost solution


16 Channel (Expandable) UHR Seismic Recording System

We are currently busy developing the ProSeis x16 UHR multi-channel profiling and real time data processing system for the seismic survey equipment rental market.

The x16 is being developed to fill the gap between traditional single channel analogue profiling systems such as Boomer, Sparker and Mini-gun with a multi-channel ultra high resolution low cost solution.

What’s new about that I hear you ask ?


 Mini-streamer Arrays

The ProSeis UHR multi-channel recording system is input compatible with all types of analogue streamer array, however ProSeis do plan to compliment the ProSeis x16 seismic recording system with a range of towed, UHR hybrid acceleration cancelling piezoelectric mini-streamer arrays for the seismic survey equipment rental market .

A range of programmable group length, analogue hydrophone streamer arrays are planned for released alongside the ProSeis x16 multi-channel seismic profile recording and data processing system.

Our analogue hydrophone streamer arrays are specifically designed for high frequency ultra high resolution (UHR) shallow seismic reflection surveys.


Real-time Seismic Data Processing

Conventional single channel seismic profile data acquired with Boomer, Sparker or mini-gun source traditionally receive minimal processing in the field, normally only gain adjustment and filtering options are available.

Single channel profile data generally exhibit poor signal to noise ratio, however multi-channel UHR seismic data has the added advantage and ability to stack traces producing much improved signal to noise ratio and multiple suppression.

But the cost of processing offshore ?